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Product Details:
Product Length: 24.0 inches
Product Width: 18.5 inches
Product Height: 15.5 inches
Product Weight: 41.0 pounds
Package Length: 23.6 inches
Package Width: 18.1 inches
Package Height: 16.1 inches
Package Weight: 39.8 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 55 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 55 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

123 of 128 found the following review helpful:

4Dewalt DW 703 Compound Miter SawOct 04, 2002

After reading all the reviews on miter saws here, I decided on the Dewalt DW 703 10-inch compound miter saw. Originally, I had ordered a DW 706 ten months ago, but a bad wreck the same day of the order meant I had to send it back until I could be sure I could even use any saw, let alone one like the 706. At any rate, I ended up buying the smaller saw because of current health considerations.
The DW 703 is great for my immediate needs. It's lightweight but sturdier than the Hitachi 10-inch saw, something one can carry from worktable to pickup tailgate with the easy-carry handle, simple to use, is accurate, and changing the saw blade relatively uncomplicated, unlike the least expensive 10-inch Delta model I tried. In addition, the blade that comes with it cuts moulding like a knife slicing cold butter....clean and smooth without any splinters. I used tape on the moulding at first to eliminate any splinters, but realized that wasn't necessary, as there were no splinters without it.
The bevel clamp knob on the back is accessible, easy to work, and very stable, adding to the feeling of security when making bevel cuts. Both miter and bevel scales are easy to read and accurate. Although some reviewers have commented that the markings are only painted on and will wear off in time, I plan to take the added step of coating the markings with a clear sealant for added life.
Probably the best feature I've found is the light grip required on the operating handle. I can't see getting carpal tunnel syndrome from overuse of the handle, for it is truly comfortable to use, unlike some of the ones i tried that required both a hard grip on a safety device as well as a tough pull-down on the handle.
It's too bad that Hoover didn't buy out Black and Decker/Dewalt, for then this saw might have had a decently engineered dust spout and bag. For this reason, I am giving the saw only four stars.

74 of 76 found the following review helpful:

5The Best 10" Saw, No QuestionJun 15, 2001
By Freddie Dorrance III Denise
I am a hardwood flooring contractor. I have used just about every saw out their in my 25 years in the flooring buisness. This mitre saw, just flat out beats the rest, I have been a big Makita fan for years. The 10" Dewalt is more accurate and is as smooth cutting of a saw, I have ever used. This saw is a must for the professional. You won't be dissapointed.

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5DeWalt's the bestDec 30, 2001

A very portable solid saw. Looked at all the others like Delta, Craftsman, etc. and this saw was lighter than the rest. A must for me because it gets moved around alot. Also, the numbers on the miter gauge were not made of cardboard and tacked on like on other saws but, made of metal and easier to zero in on. A friend of mine had his Craftsman gauge fall off after only one week on the jobsite. I looked at many different saws and the DeWalt 703 saw is just built better and able to do more than the competition. Some other companies make lesser expensive saws but, you get what you pay for. Spend a little more and get the DeWalt. You won't regret it.

27 of 27 found the following review helpful:

5Great Value for the MoneyJan 11, 2005
By Western Woodworker
After using this saw heavily for over a year (both for rough construction and woodworking), it's time for an honest review. This saw certainly is a great value, but it helps to know its little quirks, to get the most benefit from it. For general construction and framing, the miter and bevel settings are not too critical, and they were accurate out of the box for me. To cut a 4x4, you only need to manually raise the blade guard and hold it up, to get the workpiece up against the fence for cutting. The supplied blade will cut tons of softwood for framing, and the saw's portability makes it easy to carry anywhere. For woodworking, however, you will probably want to zero the miter and bevel adjustments for best results. The manual recommends using a square to check the blade's angle for the bevel, but you will discover that it's next to impossible to raise the blade guard, hold a square, and adjust the locking nut and bolt, all at the same time. A much better method is to cut a 2x6 and then flip one side upside down, putting the cut end up against the other cut end. If the bevel is not square, there will be a gap at either the top or bottom of the cut sides, and you can adjust the locking nut and bolt to eliminate the gap. In the same way, the miter adjustment can be checked by crosscutting a 2x6, flipping one side, and checking for gaps against the fence, or facing the operator. If you plan to make picture frames, router templates, etc., you can get both the miter and bevel accurate enough to perfectly crosscut an 11" wide workpiece, simply by flipping the workpiece upside down, after cutting one side. But don't expect to do this on the "out of the box" settings! DeWalt should be commended for making such a quality saw at a reasonable price, and whether for construction or woodworking, you will not be disappointed with this one.

29 of 31 found the following review helpful:

3Not a bad, not a great sawSep 23, 2005
By Jim
Bought this saw as my first compound mitre. Have used radial arm saws and table saws before but wanted a saw to do tight miters for small box making. The first thing I did was replace the blade with a red "tkr" 80 tooth ultra fine cut blade and have been happy with the smoothness of cuts since. I have found on small work like this it is necessary to ALWAYS check angles on this saw before cutting as the built in guage allows enought play to make miter corners on small items look sloppy. It is very difficult to clamp anything on this saw as the fence is short and irregular in the back. length stops are available but are rather expensive. In retrospect I should have paid up to begin with and gotten a more expensive saw with more features for what I am doing. I think any of the clamps for this tool are special order as I cannot find them at any local stores. Also the dewalt clamps for their bigger miter saws do not fit this model correctly. Another thing to know is the dust collection on this saw is worthless if you are using the bag provided with the saw but not too bad if you hook it up to a vacuum (however the fitting is not a standard shop vac size and the hose is a bit loose in the saw's fitting. I cannot speak for the ability of this saw to cut moulding as this is not what I used it to do. A last observation: When I do replace this saw I will get a sliding compound miter as I quickly learned that the 6 inch cut width can be limiting. Especially if you are used to more flexability with a radial arm saw.

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