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Product Details:
Product Length: 11.75 inches
Product Width: 7.25 inches
Product Height: 15.25 inches
Product Weight: 14.0 pounds
Package Length: 15.7 inches
Package Width: 15.2 inches
Package Height: 11.7 inches
Package Weight: 20.25 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 198 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 198 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

229 of 233 found the following review helpful:

5A great summer investment...if you make a few modificationsAug 16, 2007
By E. Adams
I bought this pool after my disasterous experience with the first one I purchased, which was an Intex 90" x 22" Swim Center Color Whirl Pool (please read the review I wrote about it before you consider buying that product). I purchased the pool alone (without the filter or other accessories) after reading several poor reviews about the quality of the filter that comes with the set. Instead of purchasing the 300 gallon/hour filter, I bought the Intex Easy Set 800 GPH pool pump/filter, which has been keeping the water clean without difficulty. If you are considering purchasing this pool, I would recommend that you do the same. In addition, I would also recommend buying the following items (many of these can be found at local stores if you want to save money on shipping and handling):

1) a ground cloth; you can save some money by purchasing a Southern Camp 10' x 10' Blue Tarp (available at Amazon for a fraction of the price you'll spend on one that's labeled as a "swimming pool ground cloth" and it works just the same);

2) a pool cover; you can also use the tarp mentioned above for this purpose (just make sure you buy 2; one for use as a ground cloth and the other for a cover), but I would recommend buying a round pool cover that's made for this type of pool because it stays in place better (it has drawstrings to help secure it to the inflatable ring);

3) pool chemicals; specifically: chlorine (in granular form), pH increaser (soda ash), pH decreaser (pool acid), algaecide/clarifier, conditioner, and pool shock (many of these chemicals are sold together in pool maintenance kits; just make sure the kit you purchase is suitable for use in inflatable pools). Also, you will need a chemical test kit for measuring pH and chlorine levels (these are usually included in pool maintenance kits, as well);

4) a pool skimmer net, a nylon pool brush, and a pole that can be used with both;

5) a package of spare filter cartridges for use with the pool pump/filter you purchase;

6) an Intex Pool Surface Skimmer/Leaf Basket (this is optional, but it does help keep the pool surface free of leaves and bugs) NOTE: THE SKIMMER CAN ONLY BE USED WITH A 500 GALLON PER HOUR INTEX POOL PUMP/FILTER OR LARGER (IT WILL NOT WORK WITH SMALLER MODELS) - AS I STATED BEFORE, I RECOMMEND BUYING THE 800 GALLON/HOUR MODEL; and

7) a pool ladder (this is also optional; you'll only need it if you have children who are too little to just step over the sides of this pool).

I bought all of the items mentioned above and I couldn't be any happier with the end result. I haven't had any of the water leakage or air leakage problems that I had with the first pool I purchased, even though I set it up in exactly the same spot. I was also able to set it up the entire system without any assistance. From start to finish, it took about 3 hours until it was ready to swim in. This pool seems to be quite durable; the whole family has been playing and splashing in it almost every day this summer without any problems. It does cost more to buy the extra maintenance supplies and the pool parts separately (rather than buying the set with a filter that won't do the job), but it has been worth the investment. And, unlike the Intex 90" x 22" Swim Center Color Whirl Pool, with a little bit of daily maintenance (checking the pH and chlorine levels, and using the skimmer net when needed), the water has remained clean, clear, and, most importantly, IN THE POOL!

105 of 106 found the following review helpful:

4Water fun is worth it, especially for the price !Jul 26, 2008
By Charity A. Breiner
I have had this pool for about a month, so now I can give it a proper review. It took me some time to get the pool chemical situation just right, and work out the kinks (with out city's water, NOT the pool, however !).

We have a very uneven backyard, patchy grass, and quite "lumpy," so I was worried about using a quick-set pool. Thus far, I have had no issues, other than yes, you can feel the bumps under the pool, but it doesn't bother me or the kids, so no big deal ! It was much easier to set up with 2 people - stand on opposite sides and stretch the pool out into a GOOD circle, then start filling, and make adjustments to it, moving around the edge, keeping opposite of your helper to ensure a good circle. You will need to get it just right BEFORE the water covers the whole bottom, as it gets to heavy, but I feel some water in it helped it keep the shape better while we made minor adjustments.

I've read reviews that the filter doesn't do much - I agree that it doesn't get out the bugs, but from experience, I can tell you how it DID work for me. Our city's water is VERY hard, and we have a softener but it is not connected to our outside spigots, so the pool water is still hard. After setting up the pool, and being gone for 2 days after, I came home to find water the color of RUST ! After trying to "shock" the pool, algaecide, etc. I checked the filter (it said change every 2 weeks, and it had only been a few days) - it looked like a rusty old car ! I figured out that it was catching all the things in the water that make it so hard, but then the water just kept circulating through it, and the "rusty" stuff went back in (so in a sense, it wasn't a GREAT filter, but it can only filter and hold SO much, right ?). So I went out every day and changed the filter (I had 5, at about $2.50 each), and then proceeded to wash the used oned in the washer with detergent and bleach, and they came quite clean and had no damamge. After a week of this process, I came out one morning to find the water crystal clear, the bad parts of the water had finally been filtered. So while it may sound like not a great filtration system, I have my mind set to think it's really 90% the fault of our water issues, and only 10% a not-so-hot filtration system. The good news is, the water has been crystal clear ever since.

Now I go out every 2 days, and drop in a new chlorine tablet, and check the levels daily - that one tablet has kept the water clear - no cloudiness and no algae, and I change the filter at least once a week. I am still washing them (3 at a time), and they aren't looking brand new anymore, but still holding up well, and I will replace them as needed.

While this isn't a typical "review," I want people to know that paying about $50 for a pool, and "getting what you pay" for don't necessarily apply. I am hard-headed, and think "If I paid for it, it WILL work, I just have to figure out what I'm doing wrong !"

So I advise you to stick to it. A pool of ANY size requires maintenance. Kiddie pools you have to dump and refill, and to me, that's maintenance (and water waste) too, so this is no different. I spend about 5 minutes a day on mainting the pool, and that's chemicals AND netting the bugs, so to me it's not much time at all.

All in all, I consider it money well-spent, and a welcome break from the scorching summer heat !

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5This is the cheapest price around for this WONDERFUL pool.Apr 26, 2009
By A. Parker "A. Parker"
This will be our 5th year purchasing this pool. I normally buy it at Target, but this year the price of this pool in store is $20 more than it is on Amazon ($60 - it's $80 in Target). Because of the affordable price, we replace it every year.

I agree with one of the former reviewers. You DO need a drop cloth, but any drop cloth will do...we use indoor/outdoor carpet. The pool cover is essential to keep the pool free of bugs and debris. The ladder makes it safer to use the pool. We have found the filter included has done the job well, you do need to run the filter overnight and you must unplug it while the pool is in use. The key to keeping this pool clean is in chlorinating and treating the pool as directed. I purchase the whole chemical package each season and it lasts the whole summer. You will need to replace the filter once per month.

This really is the best money I spend each summer. My kids use it almost every day. I would purchase a larger one if I had the room, but this size is still doing the job. I have three children with the oldest being 9 and it really is enough to keep them interested. They spend hours in the pool each day.

It does set up easy, filling it takes a few hours, but other than that, IT IS A GREAT POOL for very little money.

39 of 47 found the following review helpful:

2Lasted 3 weeks.Sep 11, 2005
By C. Stone
This was a great pool for my 5 year old daughter to play in. She also was learning how to swim, so it was perfect. The problem was that within a week it started to roll to one side and this was on our flat concreted patio with ground cover down to prevent scratching the pool plastic. As soon as it started to roll and the bottom was exposed to pressure it started leaking. For the first few days it was just a little bit and then suddenly it just ripped a seam open into a 6 inch hole that drained the whole pool in about 5 minutes.

Do not buy this pool. It is great for a week or two and then it is gone.

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5Best $60 I ever spent!Jul 13, 2005
By J. Claus
Last year I bought an Aero pool that was not worth the $100+ I spent for it, and was a huge pain to boot. This year I bought this pool, and yes it takes more than 30 minutes to put together, yes 2 people to set up is better than one, and yes I have to air up the ring pretty much before each use. But you get terrific value for price. My 8 year old, 6 year old and 4 year old and up to 2-3 friends have all used it. They're even able to swim under water which is great. And it's terrific for kids learning to swim. It's not as great as an inground pool, but for someone with a small backyard, it's great. My kids want to swim every day now. I don't usually write reviews but considering the price and the use we're getting out of it, it's great!

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