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Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi Floor Vacuum
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Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi Floor Vacuum



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DYSON DC35 DIGITAL SLIM STICK CORDLESS VACUUM *Powered by the Dyson digital motor *22.2V Lithium-ion battery *Dual power mode *Motorized brush bar *Hand held vacuum has a detachable long-reach wand that cleans up high, down low and in tight gaps *Multi floor vacuum is ideal for quick flexible cleaning on all floor types, stairs, upholstery and inside the car *For every floor type - carpet, vinyl, tile and wood *Root Cyclone technology *Docking station - recharges and stores the machine and attachments *2 year warranty on parts and labor


Root Cyclone technology - Powerful centrifugal forces spin dust and dirt out of the air and into the bin with no loss of suction.

Dyson digital motor - Fast, power-efficient and up to 3 times faster than conventional motors.

Motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brush - Stiff nylon bristles spin up to 1500 rpm to remove ground-in dirt from carpets. Velour bumper on the front of the floor tool protects furniture and walls

Fade-free 22.2V lithium-ion battery - Stays strong as you clean. Recharges up to 3 times faster than others.

Dual power mode - 15 minutes of high, constant suction for regular cleaning, 13 minutes with the motorized floor tool attachment or 6 minutes on MAX power for more difficult tasks.

Product Details:
Product Length: 11.8 inches
Product Width: 9.1 inches
Product Height: 44.1 inches
Product Weight: 4.85 pounds
Package Length: 29.0 inches
Package Width: 10.0 inches
Package Height: 8.2 inches
Package Weight: 24.2 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 965 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 965 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

1439 of 1470 found the following review helpful:

4Great portable vacuum to almost replace your real vacuumJan 20, 2011
By Azza
I've had this vacuum (Australian model) for a couple of months now and am very happy. I definitely recommend it. It is so good it will probably replace using the larger Dyson DC 08 we have, or at least reduce the amount of times we have to pull it out.

A few thoughts so far:

This has the typical advantages of normal Dyson vacuum cleaners such as bagless, easy to use (and empty), great suction, etc but here are a few more
+ Cordless means it is quick and easy to grab and use so it's great for cleaning up around the dining table and after the kids. I'm more likely to use this and vacuum occasionally, rather than waiting til everything is really dirty before dragging our big vacuum cleaner out
+ Can use with or without the wand attachment which means it is much more flexible than an upright vacuum cleaner
+ Solidly built and very easy to clean/use and move around.
+ The suction is probably as good as my big Dyson (or almost as good). It is fantastic for cleaning the car mats/seats.
+ 15 mins of suction is more than enough to do the dirty bits of the house, and in fact almost all the house. I wasn't sure about this but it's more than enough (e.g. yesterday I did 5 rooms + hallway and it didn't run out of charge).
+ Fast to charge (approximately 3 hours) and comes with docking station
+ Li ion battery means no battery memory, and it has a removable battery which means it can be easily replaced. Batteries hopefully aren't too ruinously expensive (they seem ok from my current check)
+ Looks great. :)

Cons (most of these are fairly minor)
- Expensive, it would be cheaper to buy some of the other Dysons!
- A little bit heavier and harder on the wrist/hand than I thought (but I guess that is why it has a decent battery life). After 5 mins vacuuming, my hand was slightly sore but you can always change hands.
- Don't like having to squeeze the trigger all the time. There is no way to leave it on. This constant squeezing of the trigger may contribute to the sore hand/wrist.
- Electrical cord is rather short, especially given most power points are on the floor and the docking station will be up high. It means your docking station needs to be very close to a power point or you need an extension cord
- Motorised head is narrower than I thought so it takes longer to vacuum than using the big Dyson, but the tradeoff is not having to move the extra weight of a full sized vacuum
- A flexible hose attachment for getting hard to reach places (e.g. under the car seat) is not included
- No pass through charge, otherwise I could vacuum while it is on the charger (and use it as a normal vacuum)
- Doesn't stand upright by itself (but that's not a big deal).
- When charging, the charging status light is shown on the adapter at the power point, not on the vacuum cleaner itself. This is really strange, especially given
(i) your power point is likely to be low, less visible than the top of the vacuum cleaner, and possibly even obscured.
(ii) there is an indicator light on top of the vacuum that indicates when it is turned on. This light should have been used to indicate charge status. I'm not sure why this indicator light is needed for feedback given you can't really turn it on by accident, and if you do it emits this loud vacuuming noise. A charging indicator on the cleaner itself would be helpful (but not essential).

Edit - after 4 years of owning this, and being pretty happy, it is now starting to die.
I've had to replace the motorised head (faulty) but now the Max power switch doesn't switch the vacuum to maximum power. Instead it just stops working. Even on normal power, it is now not sucking very well. I have hard floors and it is now pushing breadcrumbs, etc (from my now 5 year old) around rather than sucking them up. I'm sure that when I first bought this, it didn't do this. If I take off the motorised head, it can still suck well but something seems to have gone wrong so the motorised head isn't working well enough to suck up food crumbs.

I'll be considering getting a cheaper vacuum now as I believe the repair/service costs will be very high

Edit again.
I've cleaned out the motorised vacuum head (there was a blockage in the tube) and it turned out that was the main problem with loss of suction. However, the Max power button still doesn't work properly. I'll wait til this one completely dies before replacing it.

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5UPDATE: Dyson DC35 in a word: AWESOMEApr 12, 2011
By Matt
First ever Dyson product and we absolutely LOVE IT. Read all the reviews, blahblahblah, took the plunge and ordered it. After about a week of use, here's my take:

- Suction is great. Don't know what planet the people are on who say it's lacking here. Oh, and BTW: Vacuum varies based on elevation, so if you live at like 9,000' yeah, ANY vacuum won't suck (or will suck, depending on where you're coming from).
- Overall design is fantastic. Smart, smart, smart. Dyson obviously puts a LOT of thought into their design and I, for one, appreciate that.
- Trigger: So I was concerned about this. But it's fine. Actually, it's (look for the theme, here) SMART. Why? Because you're looking at about 15 minutes runtime. Which is plenty. But the trigger forces you to turn the damn thing OFF when you move to another room, put it down to move a chair, whatever. Think about it: They put an ON/OFF switch and some dimwit will leave it on when they walk off to answer the phone, check on Fluffy, whatever...and when the battery runs out they will be the ones to gripe. So the trigger is fine. No sweat.
- Maneuverability: This thing will go ANYWHERE. Whatever it "supposedly" lacks in anything else, it makes up for in ease of use and the ability to get into small, strange places.
- Cost: Yeah, it's expensive. So are luxury cars and you generally get what you pay for. Given that this thing improves my quality of life I am MORE than happy to pay the price.
- Accessories/Mounting Plate: Again, smart and very minimalistic.
- Battery life: OK, so I live in a smaller home, about 1,600 sq. ft. and while I have yet to run out of juice I can understand how if you lived in a big house this might be an issue. Not sure what to tell you...either get a corded one or just vacuum for 15 minutes at a time. I read a review where a lady said "Life is too short to spend more than 15 minutes vacuuming." Well-said, lady. Well-said.

I have used this thing nearly every day for three reasons: 1) It's just cool. 2) I am consistently amazed with the stuff it picks up. And let me tell you, we keep a clean house. That said, I dump the canister and just shake my head. 3) When something is easy to use, you're more likely to use it. Being cordless is just the way to go.

So by now you are sick of reading so let me just tell you that the Dyson gets two big thumbs up/5-stars from a hard-to-please, penny-pinching skeptic of a consumer.

UPDATE: We purchased our DC35 in March 2011. I'm writing this in January 2014. So almost three years has elapsed. The little DC35-that-could has cleaned our house a gazillion times . It's cleaned cars, lamps, and as of 1/2012 carseats (!) name it. Such a great tool. And then (drumroll), it happened: for no reason, when vacuuming over carpet the brush head stopped spinning. Oh man! So I took it apart, removed 1.7 million miles of hair and string and whatever, and figured that was it. Well, no. It still had plenty of suction and the brush would spin on smooth floors but not on anything with texture, like it used to. And I have to say I was bummed...but not completely because we had used the heck out of it. And I figured buying a part or paying for a repair would be reasonable. Because otherwise it acts/looks new.

So let me tell you about some awesome, Zappos-quality customer service. I emailed Dyson at their generic "" email address (or something like that). Honestly, I didn't expect anything but a canned reply telling me to call them. BUT WOULDN'T YOU KNOW, within 24 hours I got a real live reply, very courteous, asking for the serial #, purchase date and contact info. Fair enough. Again within 24 hours I get an email saying "We're very sorry for your trouble, the part is on the way." And that's it. No run-around, no hoops, just straight-up fantastic customer service that took a grand total of 2 emails.

WOW. So the part isn't here yet, but I fully expect it to fix the problem and we'll be back in bidness for another zillion or so cleanings. That is how you do business, and that is how you retain customers. I don't care a whole lot about the part breaking, because things break. I care a LOT about how I was treated, and in this case it was awesome. Thanks, Dyson!

746 of 798 found the following review helpful:

By briannawilsey
First, let me say that heretofore, I have been a big fan of Dyson, having bought and loved their DC 14 Animal approximately seven years ago, which I still have and use. I believe in spending money and getting what you pay for. However, with regard to Dyson's DC 35, you do not get what you pay for. Having read many reviews prior to purchasing this vacuum, I was concerned that some of them were overly critical, but I have found most to be very legitimate.

One of the major disappointments, which could have been overcome, is the very short usage time after full charging, which is 13 minutes for normal cleaning and 6 for maximum cleaning, which is the only effective setting. This is a ridiculously short time, and if this were necessary, due to its strong cleaning capacity, Dyson should have included a second battery for their very high price of close to $300.00. In my opinion, with only one battery, this vacuum would be more fairly priced at approximately $150.00.

The other significant complaint, which I thought may be insignificant at first, is the requirement that one continually compress the handle lever in order to operate the vacuum. This is very uncomfortable and painful; and in the short operating time, I found myself swapping hands at least four times to minimize discomfort. This is a very top-heavy vacuum, and depressing a lever while maneuvering a top-heavy vacuum spells disaster for anyone who is elderly, has arthritis or suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. I am a court reporter, and enjoy doing home renovation, and have stronger hands and wrists than most women, and this was very uncomfortable for me. Dyson should have designed this with an option of using a locking mechanism to allow the vacuum to stay on without the lever being depressed continually. I am sure this was done to save precious usage time, but it should not have been at that price.

The vacuum cannot stand on its own due to its top-heaviness, which means that whenever you stop, you have to find a place to lean it against or it topples over and breaks apart, which is annoying and inconvenient.

The last minor, yet appalling, complaint is that Dyson, despite charging approximately $300.00 for this vacuum, does not include two small screws with wall anchors with which to mount the charging bracket. So, I had to go looking for two screws with wall anchors of the right size because they were too chintzy to include them. It is not a matter of money, but I believe that inconveniencing their customers after spending this much money demonstrates inconsideration and a lack of appreciation.

On a positive note, the vacuum does a satisfactory cleaning job on the maximum setting on tile and hardwood flooring, and is convenient. Therefore, I use it every day for fast clean-ups on my tile and hardwood floors; but it is no substitute for my DC 14. It performs very poorly on my wool oriental rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting. The resistance from the brush roll is so pronounced, that it exacerbates the painful wrist situation, caused by compressing the lever, and is unusable. Also, I have a large home, and the cleaning width is much narrower; so it doubles the actual cleaning time. However, you will be more likely to clean small areas in-between heavy vacuuming with this vacuum.

I take recommending products to other people seriously, and until these inconsiderate design flaws are mitigated, I honestly cannot recommend purchasing this vacuum. It is just not worth paying this price, literally and figuratively, for convenience.

UPDATE: Within a week of writing this review, I found its use so limited, that I returned the vacuum and purchased the Hoover LINX rechargeable vacuum on Amazon, which I love. However, I do recommend purchasing an extra battery, since the battery only lasts 15 minutes on the strongest setting. It has none of these aforementioned design flaws, and is twice the vacuum for half the price. I also am able to use it on all surfaces effectively. I loved it so much that I later purchased the LINX handheld vacuum, which I also recommend.

233 of 265 found the following review helpful:

5An upright cordless that actually worksJan 25, 2011
By Joseph Albahari
This cordless vacuum really works and is a pleasure to use. If you've ever struggled with another upright cordless, you'll know what I mean. (If you've never used a cordless vacuum, imagine the difference between a mains-tethered motormower and petrol-powered version.)

Here's how the DC35 stands out:

* Power. While less powerful than a mains-powered vacuum, it's surprisingly good for a cordless and only occasionally annoys you by failing to pick something up. (Others are so weak you end up wishing you lugged out the mains-powered vacuum). Dyson say the power doesn't drop as the dust container fills, and this seems to be true from using it. Looking at how it's constructed, you can see why this is so - other manufacturers, take note!)
* Ease of emptying. For obvious reasons, portables have a small capacity and need frequent emptying. This model is (possibly?) unique in that you just press a button and the waste flicks cleanly out the bottom without an airborne dust explosion.
* Build and design quality. It's clear that the manufacturers have avoided cutting corners (and the price reflects it).

It doesn't entirely replace a mains-powered vacuum (or a hired cleaner), but I find this cordless does 95% of what's important. Battery life is only 13 minutes but life is too short to spend longer than that vacuuming. Once you get skilled at using it, 13 minutes of run-time is enough to do the main area of a medium-sized house plus half of the remaining rooms (which you alternate each time you vacuum). Perfect.

The motorized head is effective on both hard surfaces and carpets. It also comes with crevice/brush tools for getting into corners or cleaning the car. (Again, 13 minutes is a sensible time limit for vacuuming a car!) Unlike the Electrolux Boss I had before, the filter in the DC35 is not made of fragile paper that you have to periodically replace. It's solid and washable. The vacuum comes with a wall-mountable docking station although you don't have to to use it - you can keep the power cable separate from the docking station and just plug it in to recharge. The charger stops when the battery is full, so you leave it on all the time without shortening the battery life through overcharging.

I should also say this has a great 'feel' and is as fun as vacuuming gets. I don't find it hard to hold the trigger down continuously and the whole thing is light and maneuverable. This is the vacuum for people who have things to do in life besides cleaning.

500 of 579 found the following review helpful:

2Think Dyson forgot to test this first......Apr 08, 2011
By LOhio
This is a great little cordless vacuum for cleaning out the car, and a quick sweep of the baseboards or other small messes. It does have good suction and is compact (albeit slightly heavier than other cordless handhelds), but unfortunately that is where the "pros" of this device end. For the cost, and the fact that Dyson makes such a big deal about how much time they spend testing and improving their products I just can't believe they released this as is!
Here are the cons: 1) You have to hold the "on" button the entire time you are using the product! Just unbelievable and EXTREMELY disappointing. Just seemed like it should have a been a "no-brainer" that a product has an auto-on button and not a manual-on button, 2) VERY short battery life - for a 3 1/2 hour charge time you get maybe 15 minutes max of cleaning. I know it's cordless, but again - for the price I just expected more, 3) The rotating brush on the attachment stops way too easy and if you don't have it attached to the long pole - it's way too "floppy" to really clean anything well.
Bottom line, save your money for now! Maybe they will come out with an improvement to these problems in the future, or perhaps you can find a comparable/better product for cheaper....

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