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Unger 3-stage Telepole
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Unger 3-stage Telepole

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6' To 16', 3 Section, Telescopic Pole, Anodized Aluminum, Light Weight, Snap In System Adapter With Threads Included For Light Bulb Attachments and Other Cleaning Supplies.


Unger #961880 16' 3Section Tele Pole


Product Details:
Product Length: 3.0 inches
Product Width: 4.5 inches
Product Height: 58.0 inches
Product Weight: 3.0 pounds
Package Length: 73.0 inches
Package Width: 3.0 inches
Package Height: 2.5 inches
Package Weight: 2.95 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 43 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 43 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

51 of 51 found the following review helpful:

5I can clean my "high rise" windows with a professional finishMay 03, 2010
By Chandler
I took a risk ordering this from Amazon as I wanted to get the cleaning tip called "backflip" because it has a nice, large, squeegee on one side and spongy cloth on the other, like my professional window cleaner used to use when I owned a retail store.

But...I needed a telescoping handle to put it on (because my house is built with an crazy 10 foot foundation in the back sloping yard so...even my first story windows, that go up to a 12' celiing, wind up waaaaaayyyy too high for me to clean...and, did I mention I'm short??)

So, I compared various sets but decided to get this handle and that cleaning tip and take a risk since they are by two different manufacturers. Works beautifully!!! This handle is built super solid, and metal. Very easy to use on the shortest windows on my patio, to my high-up windows via a mere twist.

The tip of this looks as though it would work pretty much universally for many of the cleaning squeegee tips, regardless of whichever one you might need personally. It has a screw base then the base is small and gets larger as it gets larger as it gets closer to the handle.

What this means is that, even if your cleaning tip doesn't screw on, you can slip it on and have a good fit, it seems like. Mine works that way.

This should help you easily clean your home or business windows. This is what used to be used on my store windows and I searched hard for a similar set now that I have high windows at home and constant Texas dust on 'em since I am in a neighborhood with homes still being built near me and dusty empty lots in some areas as well.

Incidentally, I also use it dry to get cobwebs down from my high ceilings and dust from the ceiling fan, etc. It's scope makes it's reach quite convenient.

Know going in: This is quite long so on lower windows I use it sweeping sideways. For indoor windows, I just pop the squeegee head off. You can also easily remove the 2nd part of the extender handle to just have one smaller one when needed with just a twist. Also, you may not get the same head I did so it may not matter, but if you choose a large one, I got a rectangular storage bucket from Wal-Mart and I mix vinegar and water to clean my windows perfectly with zero streaks.

Conclusion: Well-made, easy-to-use, should reach 2nd story and 1st story windows.

30 of 30 found the following review helpful:

5Just What I NeededDec 01, 2009
By Phyllis M. Anderson
I have very high vaulted ceilings, which I really like, until the spiders set up housekeeping and webs beyond my reach. This pole with the green duster/web attachment really works better than any other web catcher that I have tried before. The pole is solid, yet lightweight, and it can reach to the top of even my high ceilings!

21 of 22 found the following review helpful:

3Gets the job done adequatelyOct 21, 2011
By Elbeau
I bought this because I live in a chalet-style house that has several huge windows, and a ceiling fan, that are very high up and this was the only sufficiently long pole I could find. I thought it was fairly expensive for what it is. But, this is one of those things that are worth it only because not having it is worse. Still, it is overpriced for its quality & features. Not that a pole can have very many features. But that just makes the lack of them more concerning. First, there are no markings on the pole to indicate when you are coming to the end of the extensions. Thus, one section often separates from the next. It's easy to put back, but still... Next, although it's aluminum, it isn't especially light, and, despite its weight, when extended, it flexes too much. It's somewhat like trying to use a pole vaulter's pole to clean with. So, in sum, the pole reaches higher than any other pole I was able to find, but isn't very easy to use.

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5Must have if you have 2 stories or high ceilingsJul 17, 2011
I was almost put off by the price, but I wanted an extension pole for my Windex kit. I live in a two story house with high windows and high ceilings. For years I used my cheap solution of screwing or taping broomstick handles together, but it turns out this pole fits many of the accessories I already use, not just the ones sold by this company. It seems light enough to me and is adjustable, so no more dealing with tape. Now I can wash my second floor windows myself in addition to dusting in high places.

I think this will be very useful for many years to come and so it turned out to be a great household investment. I love the color too.

8 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5It Works!!!Dec 08, 2010
By OutOfThe LawnCareGame "YAHandMe"
I ordered this, and the Unger Flood Light Bulb Changer (#92132), and the Unger Recs/Track Bulb Changer (#960720). Because this was my first time changing the Outdoor Flood Light that's almost 18 feet high. I figured I would be able to get one of them to work, since the reviews were not ALL bad, and they didn't cost a fortune. Well, I first experimented with the flood lights in the kitchen because they're not that high. The Unger Flood Light Bulb Changer (#92132) suctioned REAL GOOD and FAST when removing the bulb -- TOO GOOD! It wouldn't let go of the bulb!!! Which is GOOD for removing the blown bulb. So, I used it to remove the bulb ONLY, and used the Unger Recs/Track Bulb Changer (#960720), the one with the string to release the suction cup (it's kinda flimsy, but did what I needed it to) to install the new bulb. I just took my time, and worked slow. Took me less than 20 minutes. Including taking out my ladder, so I wouldn't have to extend the pole to its maximum. It's less sturdy when extended all the way out, and I would NOT recommend it you have to do that. But all for less than $60 bucks... I'm happy with the products!!! Oh! And I'm a 53 years young woman!!!

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